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The interactive edible garden map developed for this project

Jennifer Cook, Austin Frie, Robin Hillier, Jeremy Leibel, and Dawson Paynter


Food security and food waste are massive global issues and are also something we face at a smaller scale, specifically on campus. There are many resources on campus looking to help students be more food secure, such as emergency food hampers and other on campus food sources that are generally unknown and underutilized resulting in food waste.

We are looking to take a stand against both food insecurity and food waste on campus by making students aware of sustainable practices related to food security. Contrary to popular knowledge, The University of Saskatchewan Campus already has several locations that, with the proper care and maintenance, can provide locally grown fruits and vegetables to students and faculty; helping to increase food security around campus, and the city of Saskatoon.  Along with providing knowledge of the existence of these healthy resources, our group is also interested in providing resources for those who wish to learn more about food security and sustainability tips, such as how to utilize food by cooking, baking, and preserving. We have teamed up with the Office of Sustainability on campus to create a website that outlines food security on campus, food sustainability tips, and highlights food sources on campus with an interactive map that pinpoints food source locations. Through this process we would like to create partnerships with other organizations and possibly allow users to post their own food source locations, tips and recipes. One major challenge we are going to face with this project is the viability of the trees/shrubs and making sure the areas we tell students about actually provide fruit. Another issue is that during the timeframe of our group, no fruit would be available to be picked due to the seasonal climate. Because we are using a university web page we are also facing issues with how to implement a discussion forum, bringing about the idea of possibly connecting to a facebook page. Therefore, another goal is to provide a framework for future projects to improve the health and viability of the current orchards on and around campus if it is not something we can do ourselves. There is also a legacy aspect related to the propagation and improvement of the website in upcoming years, including the addition of new sustainability tips and practices.

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  1. Using a website like this to share information about places that students can access food is a really great idea. I expect most people in need might turn to the internet to locate food banks, etc.
    I understand the concern about posting directions to sites with edible plants when the plants might not provide food when people need it. But the idea you’re working with here is sound, and could potentially be rolled out to any new locations, such as food banks or free food hampers. Over time, this website could be a place that students consult to figure out what options are available close to home and campus. If possible, I’d encourage your group to keep adding to this website!

    1. Thank you so much Andrew!

      We really wanted to focus on the U of S campus, by providing this resource to the users of the campus including all students, staff, and alumni.

      You are absolutely correct though, by constantly adding new resources and locations on the map and website is a crucial part for our programs success! The Office of Sustainability will work with grounds managers, and its own staff to update the site as it takes off.

      Any comments or suggestions users may want to see added to the website can be suggested at a tab at the bottom of the webpage. We will be sure to inquire the suggestions forum as soon as we can.

      Thanks Andrew,


  2. Hi Tali,
    That is a great idea! The Grub Hub locations would work very well on the map!
    Any suggestions or additions anyone wants to see on the map or website can be found on the website itself under the suggestions or additions tab.

    Cheers Tali,

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